How to Sell Online in Nigeria

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When it comes to how to buy and sell online or just selling whatever products you have already in your store or at home, online is the place to turn. Many small business owners don’t really know where to turn when it comes to boosting sales. This is because of the much ignorance that exist as to the capabilities of the internet as a most cost effective marketing tool. Therefore many struggle in business to stay afloat when they have all it takes to succeed. I was once in a store where a young lady was been gossiped for having too much customers. They concluded that she is using spiritual powers. Unknown to them, she has a nice website and do a lot of advertising on Instagram. If you really want to know how to sell online, follow this article and learn for free.

Do a Product Research

If you want to know how to market a product online, you must first know how to tell what people are searching for online. If you miss this step, you might just end up wasting your money. That is what happens if you are marketing what people are not interested in. By product research, i meaning finding out what product people are searching for online. But how do we know what people are searching for online.

  1. Use Google Keyword planer: The number one way to know what people are searching for is to use Google Adwords Keyword Planner. This tool tells you what people are searching for locally or globally. Also, the keyword planner will reveal the volume of search for a keyword monthly. See example below.Google keyword plannerFrom the screen shot above, you will find that diabetes tea is a hot product. There are several keywords Nigerians are using to search for diabetes online. What this means is that if you decide to buy and sell online this particular product, you can’t go wrong. Another scenario is for instance you want to sell car GPS tracker. The right thing to do is find the number of searches for this product monthly with Google keyword planner. Reasonable amount of search means you can import and sell this product.
  2. Determine Profit Per Product: Now that you know that there is a hungry market for the product, you need to determine how much profit you will make per sale. You do this by visiting the competition online store or social media pages. The aim is to know how much it is been sold in the local market. Armed with that information, visit your wholesale store and negotiate a price. You may buy from local stores or import from China at extremely cheap prices. Ali express is one of such places you can import products from without leaving the comfort of your home. Next, determine how much it will cost to import a product and market it online versus sales price. This will tell you your expected profit margin.

Where Can i Sell Online

After determining the product you wish to sell and your profit margin is good, then what next. The big step at this stage is where you can sell your product online. Below are places to sell your product online.

  1. Sell on Your Website: There is no better place to sell online than your very own website. The reason is obvious. When you sell on your own website, you control everything. You collect email list, upsell, eliminate distraction and give your customers wonderful experience while you make top dollars from them. One misconception people have about website is that they are very expensive to acquire and manage. This is not true at all. With a small budget, you can get a very well optimized website that will do the magic. Besides, if you are in doubt as to how important a website is to your business online look at multi billion websites like Jumia and Konga and learn. Read more about web design.
  2. Sell On Social Media: The most effective place to sell your product after your own website is social media. Selling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc is made easy by just creating a page and listing your products for sale. Though this process is simple, you need to design a nice looking social media business page to sell. Again, you can either sell directly on your social media pages or redirect traffic to your website from there.
  3. Sell On Youtube: Another awesome place to sell your product is the second most popular website in the world. You can sell your products easily on Youtube for free by creating well optimized videos about your products. Furthermore, a regular posting on your YouTube channel with well optimized titles and tags will cause your videos to rank easily. You can read up about YouTube video ranking by Neil Patel, a leader in SEO and in ranking any rank-able stuff online. Or read the masterpiece by Dawn Matthews on how to get more view on Youtube.

How To Advertise Your Business or Product Online

You have done your product research, purchased or imported your products and determine where to sell them online. Next is advertising your products to hungry customers to make you sell faster. Truly you can sell without advertising, but if you want to make it big and fast, you need to run a campaign. But if you are not sure how to do this, we are here to manage your advertisement for you. However, below are advertisement channels for your products and business.

  1. Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC): PPC ads is the surest advertisement channel to reach the very customers who want to buy now. With a proper keyword research, you can determine the best converting keywords to drive your advert and boost sales especially on Google. Read all about PPC advertising here.
  2. Social Media Ads: When properly done, social media ads has the capabilities to boost sales for you at very affordable rates. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the leader here. If you follow the right procedure, you will see unbelievable success with social media ads.
  3. YouTube Video Advertising: Youtube offer video advertising beside PPC ads they run as well. If you create the right video, and promote it on YouTube, you will see awesome result fast. In addition, you don’t have to create a video to start. You can start by editing video of your product manufacturer  and using that before you are able to create your own. Other places to advertise your products online includes pop ads, info links, bidvertiser, yahoo, CNN etc.

What is more, when you really want to learn how to sell online, you will get more details and get practicing. Within a short time you are perfect at it. If you have an established company, the best option for your brand is to hire the service of an online advertising company to handle all your campaign for you for a reasonable fee. Remember that the best way to get things done is to start immediately. Procrastination makes possible things impossible to do.


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