How to Advertise on Facebook in Nigeria

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Facebook advertising is one key segment of online promotion that any business owner should know. The question, how to advertise on Facebook has to be learned so that your Facbook ads will convert. What then is Facebook ads. It is mainly a pay per click or lead advertising for your online or offline business. Also, If you want to buy and sell online in Nigeria, here are the main forms of Facebook campaigns.

Forms of Facebook Ads

By form we mean the nature or grouping of the advertising campaign and what they intend to achieve for the advertisers.

1. Website Traffic Campaign: This type of ads on Facebook is primarily aimed at driving traffic or visitors from the social media platform to your own website. What this means is that, you create a campaign and the destination url for the call to action button is your website. To be clear, in this kind of ads, when you click the “learn more”, “sign up” etc button on the advert it leads to your website.

2. Leads or Subscribers Campaign: This Facebook campaign or ads is targeted at getting contact of those interested in your service or what you are offering.This kind of ads is very important for businesses whether you are selling products or your services. The reason is that its not a “blind” advert because your expected action from your target is their information. This is mainly their email and phone number. You could also get their names but email and phone number is all that is really necessary. Armed with their information, you can market your product or services to them at will.

3. Post Boosting Campaign: Under this advertising option, the first landing page is your Facebook page. The control of targeted individual in this instance is in the post you are boosting. You could write a post that further leads visitors to another website.

4. Facebook Page Promotion Campaign: Here, the primary target is to attract more likes and followers to your page and increase conversation on social media for your brand. As in other advert options,the final aim is to sell your services to your customers while adding value. Equally important, is the question that business owners wants to know. Namely, how good is Facebook advert?.

How Effective is Facebook Advertising

Before any prudent business person will spend his money for promotion, they want to know if it is worth it. Is Facebook ads worth it?. Well, to answer the question we look at how the social media giant has grown. Again, the social media giant worth keeps increasing because more and more companies run ads on the platform. The reason is that she has a strong targeting system and data to drive conversion. Therefore, Facebook advertising is totally worth it.

Now that you know that Facebook advert is totally worth it, and will boost your business, what do you need to start. I don’t really need to tell you that you need money to advertise on Facebook. You already know. What we will talk about is Facebook page without which you can’t advertise on the platform.

Facebook Business Page

You cannot advertise on this social media platform with a page. Though you have your Facebook account open and operational, you still need to create a Facebook page to advertise on the platform. The process for creating the page is simple. Read the steps here.

Now that we know for sure that a page is mandatory what we need to determine is Facebook ads pricing.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook

One of the most cost effective ads online is Facebook advertising. In Nigeria, you just need N 200 (Two hundred naira only) to create a Facebook campaign for 24 hours duration and reach thousands of people. However, you don’t expect to gain real result from a small budget of that nature. But then again, you never can tell what would happen.

But to gain real result, you need a sizable budget. This is totally within your planning and budgeting. Also, the size and goal of your company is a determining factor in all of this. While some will budget a hundred thousand naira for their advert, others budget millions. Whatever the budget is, there is need for planning and strategy to achieve maximum results. Jumping into setting up ads without a study and understating of those you want to reach could spell doom for your campaign.

That is why we are available to help you plan your campaign if you need help creating great ads. Its either you are thought how to advertise on Facebook by our experience personnel or your campaign is completely handled for you after answering a questionnaire relating to what you are targeting with the campaign.


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