How to create a landing page for free

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In designing your free landing page, you need to keep in mind that landing pages will produce better results if they carry certain qualities or features. As you design your free landing page, consider the features below for high converting landing page. You can implement them as you design or edit the page anytime.

Features of High Converting Landing Page Features

A landing page is a web page that is designed to persuade visitors to take a specific action that has a mutual benefit, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free ebook, or buying a product on the page. A high-converting landing page is one that has a high percentage of visitors who complete the desired action.

Some of the features of a high converting landing page are:

  • A clear and compelling headline that captures the attention and interest of the visitors and summarizes the main benefit or value proposition of the offer.
  • A relevant and engaging image or video that illustrates the offer and supports the headline.
  • A concise and persuasive copy that explains the features and benefits of the offer, addresses the pain points or challenges of the target audience, and creates a sense of urgency or scarcity.
  • A prominent and appealing call to action (CTA) button that tells the visitors what they need to do next and motivates them to click. The CTA should use action-oriented and specific language, such as “Download Now”, “Get Instant Access”, or “Claim Your Free Trial”.
  • A simple and user-friendly form that asks for the minimum amount of information necessary to complete the action. The form should also include trust elements, such as testimonials, social proof, security badges, or guarantees, to reduce friction and increase conversions.
  • A consistent and coherent design that matches the branding and style of the source (such as an email, an ad, or a social media post) that brought the visitors to the landing page. The design should also be responsive and optimized for different devices and screen sizes.


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