5 Ways on How to Make Money From Your Website in Nigeria

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How Can I Earn Money From My Website

When it comes to making money online, one question you will hear always is, how can i earn money from my website?. This question comes from those who already have a website or blog. In determining how to make money from your website, there are various factors to consider. But the most important factor is your website niche. By niche, i mean the category to which your website falls. For example, an adult site will have limited source of income but a news blog or health blog is not limited.
Again, if your blog provide certain information, you will earn more money than those in other niche. Take for instance a blog or website that writes reviews on cars and one that publishes news. The one for cars will definitely earn more if they have similar traffic. Another factor that can affect your earning especially if you use adsense is location. What i mean by blog location is whether you publish localized content or internationally content.

Lets further simplify this

If your site ends with .ng, .com.ng, it will automatically mean that it is a local site for Nigerians. Google will take note and treat it so. Also, if you publish Nigeria news, Nigeria jobs, Nigeria food recipes, data connection etc, your blog is localized. On the other hand, if you write about hosting reviews and domain, publish more of international news and international jobs etc your blog will be deemed international subject to certain qualifications.
You can have any kind of website, but traffic is the game changer in online business.

How do Websites Make Money From Traffic

Time will not permit me to go into different theories flying around about how websites owners make money. But suffice it to say that websites make their money from advertisement. And the level of traffic will determine your level of income. As a business without customers is dead, so is a website without traffic.
Website traffic can be converted in income in many ways. You insert pay per click advert on your site like adsense. Affiliate links, direct sponsored ads, email list building are other options. Lets talk about this a little bit further.

5 Ways On How To Make Money From Your Website Traffic

1.) Google Adsense: One of the most popular ways to make money from your website traffic is by adding pay per click adverting like adsense on your website or blog. The practice is that once your blog or website is ready and with good unique content, yougo ahead apply to Google adsense to be part of the adsense program. Google will then review your site after given you links to implement on the site to verify ownership. Read all about how to apply for adsense and implement codes on your site. Once google approves your account, advertisement will start to show on your site. You make money each time a visitor on your site click on your ads.
Under this programme, your income will be affected by your location an niche. The bids for car or computer ads for instance is higher than bid for clothing and job listing ads. In the same manner, bid for ads in America is higher than those in Nigeria.
Consequently, website with same traffic but with different niche will earn differently. Same rule apply to countries.
2.) Affiliate Links: We have established already that traffic is what makes money for a website owner. Once you have the website you at liberty to choose which channel you want to use for your income. Affiliate means you are advertising other websites or company product on your website. You make affiliate commission each time a visitor on your site buy the product or services. Affiliate ads can be very profitable. The stress associated with account approval in Google adsense is eliminated with affiliate
As a website or blog owner, you can either register with companies directly to promote their products on your website or go through affiliate hub or programes link Click Bank, Shopify, ebay partners, Jvzoo. If you are registering with any of this major companies you get to advertise any product they list as you wish. For instance registering with Jumia in Nigeria as an affiliate and place their banner on your site to display anyproduct listed on their platform.
This method will not work well for niche specific websites. A person whose website is about hosting reviews is better off registering with the hosting companies. That is better than going through some middle companies.
3.) Email List Income: Email list formation is arguably the most effective way to make money online. The goal here is to get very good content on your website and encourage people to subscribe to your blog update. You will manage the contact with email marketing companies like Aweber or Mailchimp.
Many marketers setup squeeze pages to collect emails address. But we are talking about proper blogging here. The practice is to build a large email subscription base and market your product to them. Or you can sell an affiliate product to them. You can make a lot of money from this if you do things right. See How to Sell Online in Nigeria
4.) Charge Money for Membership: This is another way to make it big with your website. In membership site, information provided is not free. It works by providing important information that people want. You then charge them to gain access monthly. In this channel, visitors know that they can only gain access to the relevant information they need after they pay a sum of money. This method is common among make money online teachers and weight loss coaches.
5.) Direct Advertisement From Companies: This could could be called premium income. The reason is you decide what to charge companies wanting to advertise on your website.  But this only comes to play when your traffic has increased. For instance, to place a banner ad on Linda Ikejis blog is over a million naira a month for lead-board ads while a post ad is currently N70,000. Naij or legit charges 223,000 for a 24 hours sticky post and millions for leader baord banner ads for 30 days. The charges may appear expensive, but the result you will gain is unbelievable.
The point is a website is a major business project to those who know how to look long term. Website with major traffic today started like any regular one. The difference is that the successful ones are manned by serious minded people. And once they go viral, money will not be a problem.
In conclusion, when talking of how to make money from your website, you need to have a plan. This is majorly fueled by right information. The decision stage is crucial. Are you establishing a news blog, or a review site. Maybe you are looking at providing health and wellness information on your site. Whatever you decide, know that website success demands hard work and determination. For instance if you start your website and want to get search traffic from Google, you should be looking at about six months before your website ranks. The point is, you need a lot of patience, unless you have funds to invest. That way, you start seeing results immediately. If you are considering setting up a website, i think you should. This is because a blog can make you a multi millionaire without you leaving your home.
If you need help or advice on how to create your website, contact us now. We will discuss all options available to you.


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