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Those who have been working in online businesses long term have seen the steady growth of content marketing for use by the side of businesses. It has gone from being a cool idea to being a necessity. Playing the marketing game has always been imperative since advertising kicked off in earnest after the war. Content marketing is the next level on the ladder of business life. If you don’t use content when marketing your products, you are unlikely to get as far and make as much money as you would if you used the content marketing method.

Bots and Bumps

It isn’t all just for the bots to read. It can be a mistake that even established online businesses make. Creating content designed specifically for the bots of the world wide web to read. If the bots like it, then it is said your content will travel up the search engine rankings. This is true! However, many search engines, including the most popular in the UK, Google, have been working on a better design for their algorithms and programming of their bots. 
Google now wants interesting and creative content that people enjoy reading. Google is a business, after all, and they want people to use their services. That is their major aim.

Previously when content marketing was in the early stages. A lot could be done to trick the bots, short cuts that didn’t mean that your content was any good, just that you could hoodwink the bots into loving it and therefore promoting it.

Consumers started to get annoyed and migrated away from Google and stopped searching as much. The usability was down. The creators at Google listened and have now brought out programming that is far better at recognizing spectacular content.

This has pushed content writers to up their game and publish better, more reliable content. So, so should you!

What is Creative Content?

Creative content captures the interest of the reader within seconds. From the headline and the first paragraph, readers will decide whether they want to stick around and read on. Use words that people enjoy reading like, ‘scrumptious’ and ‘floating’ and ensure that what you are writing about is relevant to your target audience.

If you are selling a pair of baby shoes, then don’t write an article about types of concrete. If you are a builder’s merchant, though, an informative article on concrete might be the most viewed on your blog. Know your audience.

Content isn’t just about writing. Use images, posters, infographics and videos to captivate your audience. These follow the same rule – make it interesting to your audience.

You can also get your audience involved in your content by posting interactive questions, polls, surveys and competitions. This kind of content is a huge hit, especially if you have a great brand.

Always add your logo to every piece of content that you post. This will add a zest of professionalism to your socials, but also it links them together. If you don’t have a logo, your customers will miss out on brand awareness. You want your creative content to advertise your brand each time and to ensure that everyone is aware that your business published it.

Be brave and bold with your content, ensure it always appeals to your target audience and don’t release anything that is not relevant or uninteresting. Put your logo on every piece you create to let people know that you made this awesome content and to show customers what they should expect from your business.

Article by Montague Case


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