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We create email marketing auto series that sells your product and services faster than you can imagine and boost trust dramatically. 

Successful email marketing campaign means excellent conversion for any business. It is not enough that visitors come to your business website. One of the most important things you can do for business is setup a method to retain visitors and continue to do business with them.
After a thorough customized website is created, most prudent business people either focus on search engine optimization or paid advertising to gain customers. Don’t get it wrong, both method work excellently well. But research has shown that more than 60% of first time visitors will not buy a product or do business with you.

How do You Get Them to Become Customers

One of the reason big brand like Coca cola and Guinness keep running advertisement is not because people don’t know them. Its because many who know are yet to be paying customers. They pay millions to keep reminding people why they should buy their products. Consequently, these companies has become richer than countries.
Marketing through email is the way to keep your website visitors reminded of your services or products. When done right, more than 80% of your visitors can be converted to customers. Whereas, without email marketing less than 40% of your visitors becomes active customers.
Forty percent (40%) visitors conversion is big deal. But 80% is a whole new level. And the way to do this is by proper email marketing.

Email Marketing For Small Business

As a business owner, you don’t want your carefully written email marketing messages being caught in spam filters. Or worse not getting delivered to customers at all. Opt-in to email marketing agency services is super effective, efficient, convenient, and very economical. If you want to sell different products to same persons then you need proper email marketing. Most visitors will buy a product or service and come back or go elsewhere next time. But with email marketing, you make them deal now and you can introduce new products or services easily.
Maximize your email list of subscribers through an optimized email marketing strategy.

Because we are experience:

  • Our email subject lines incite very high open rates.
  • Our newsletter with proper call to action designs increase click-through rates.
  • We create dedicated landing page for special campaigns for specific purposes.

Email Marketing Expert in Nigeria

360 Hub’s Email Marketing services include the following:

  • Email list generation (Onsite and off site)
  • Newsletter account setup
  • One month email automation setup
  • Email list rental
  • Converting newsletter template design
  • Integration of social media for automated Posts
  • Integration of analytics
  • Web content integration for every newsletter
  • List management
  • Monthly reports

Proper Lead Generation

If you want your potential customers and already active ones to get your message inbox every time. Permission marketing (opt-in emails) is what you get setup for your business. Here the recipient has agreed to receive your emails. This makes them more relevant to consumers and boost chance of conversions.
360 Hub, will setup email list building systems on your website, social media accounts, and other channels. We use methods that makes potential customers easily submit their email addresses and other data.

How E-mail Marketing Works

Measurable results: Every email marketing campaign success can be seen and measured either on daily weekly or monthly basis. You know your rate of increase per time.
Immediate response: You get to see result instantly and not some future date. If you launch a new service or product and craft a sale mail, you will see instant patronage.
Targeted audience: You can personalize and segment target markets even within your email list. You can target a segment of your list interested in certain products or services.
Creative Design: Use lovely designs your client base will love. Create emails with your logo and product/services photos any time to differentiate your brand.

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