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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to design my blog or business website?

Your blog or site can be ready today if you follow what is thought in the course.

Do I require any special to design my website after this course?

No. Anyone with basic internet knowledge can use this video lesson to design their blog or website. And by basic internet knowledge, we mean if you are able to surf the net easily.

Will I be able to create custom business emails at my domain?

Yes! You can create as much as you want

Will I be able to set up different website on my domain as subdomain?

Yes. Your domain name entitles you to as many subdomains as you like, to set up different major services that you offer. For example, you may have a consulting company @ If you decide to set up a training arm for that same company, you can do that with a full website design on a subdomain @

Does the course cover how to gain visibility on Google

Yes it does

Will i purchase a premium theme before i can start designing my site with this course?

No. The course is thought with free template. But if you want to design for other companies, you may want to consider purchasing a premium template though you can still use the free ones.

Does this course cover e-commerce?

No. E-commerce (online store design) is not covered in this WordPress basic web design training. The course contain video guide that teaches how to design a business website or personal blog.

Do you have the knowledge and experience to teach this course?

Yes, we do. We have been designing websites for companies for yes.

Payments are processed by Paystack SECURE payment system.

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